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The PPP Feasibility Study

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The PPP Feasibility Study

The feasibility study shall demonstrate comparative advantage in terms of strategic and operational benefits for implementation under a public-private partnership agreement; describe in specific terms
(i) the nature of the Contracting Authority's functions, the specific functions to be considered in relation to the project, and the expected inputs and deliverables;
(ii) the extent to which those functions can lawfully and effectively be performed by a Partner in terms of an agreement; and
(iii) the most appropriate form by which the Contracting Authority may implement the project under an agreement;

Demonstrate that the agreement shall
(i) Be affordable to the Contracting Authority
(ii) Deliver value for money; and
(iii) Transfer appropriate technical, operational or financial risk to the Partner; and
explain the capacity of the Contracting Authority to effectively enforce the agreement, including the ability to monitor and regulate project implementation and the performance of the Partner in terms of the agreement.