The Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC), on behalf of the Government of Malawi through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is working towards providing comprehensive accommodation facilities (hostels) and associated services to students in Public Universities through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) Framework.

The Government of Malawi (GoM) recognises the importance of tertiary education as a tool for social economic development in Malawi. It is a fact that the provision of quality tertiary education must always be accompanied by appropriate and sufficient enabling facilities including student accommodation. However, in recent times, the student enrollment in Public Universities has increased without a corresponding expansion in decent accommodation facilities, a situation that has forced some University students to find their own private accommodation. Unfortunately such accommodation has in most cases tended to be substandard and typically located very far from the University.

Despite appreciating the necessity for more accommodation requirements, the Public Universities have not been able to increase student hostels in line with the demand primarily due to limited resources. Government faces an ever expanding and competing ends for its meager resources and therefore cannot be relied on for the long term supply for student accommodation. 

The Government of Malawi now seeks to increase access by eligible Malawians to Public Universities in Malawi through provision of additional hostels developed through private sector participation under the PPP framework. This is against the backdrop of significant qualifying school leavers each year failing to access the Public Universities due to infrastructural bottlenecks. The Government would like to achieve this objective by providing quality, sufficient, well managed and well maintained student accommodation (hostels) at a reasonable price. The Government would prefer to have this project completed as soon as possible so as to alleviate the accommodation challenges being faced by students at the Public Universities. The Government in collaboration with the Public Universities are pursuing the project with utmost sensitivity to affordability concerns within the student population and yet ensuring that the arrangements are sustainable.

In this regard, The Government of Malawi through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology instructed the PPP Commission to facilitate the analysis, development and procurement of the Student Accommodation facilities through a PPP arrangement. The selection of the preferred private sector investor(s) would be through a competitive tender process as required by law. The process has been ongoing for the past few months.

In keeping with the obligation of being transparent, the PPP Commission wishes to update the general public on the progress of the tender process in relation to the provision of student accommodation for the Public Universities in Malawi.


The PPP Commission placed advertisements for expressions of interest in April, 2016 for purposes of establishing the level of interest and capacity of Private Partners to invest in the provision of student accommodation facilities.

Seventeen (17) firms expressed interest to provide student accommodation facilities in the Public Universities in Malawi. All the seventeen interested investors were invited to submit both technical and financial proposals.

The names of the firms that expressed interest were as follows:

 The request for proposal document had a total of eight lots as follows:

In line with the normal practice, the Commission convened a bidders conference on 29th June 2016 at Mount Soche Hotel aimed at giving the bidders an opportunity to seek clarifications on the structure and objectives of the transaction, the evaluation criteria and to familiarize themselves with the bidders instructions. The conference was widely attended. The Commission also provided an opportunity to bidders to inspect the Public Universities and to bring up any issues for clarification.


The closing date for receipt of technical and financial proposals was 30th September 2016 14:00 hours local time. 

By the closing date and time of proposal submission, a total of three sets of proposals were submitted to PPP Commission by bidders during the bidding phase.  The public bid opening ceremony was well patronized and all the bidders attended.  The Commission is pleased to announce that the names of the bidders who submitted their proposals were as follows:


In view of the public interest in the process, the PPP Commission is in the process of constituting a strong team to evaluate the proposals that have been submitted. In order to increase public confidence in the process, the entire procurement cycle is being implemented under the oversight of the Anti Corruption Bureau.

The Evaluation Committee will recommend a preferred bidder by mid December 2016.

The General public will continue to be updated regarding the progress in the search of a private partner for provision of student accommodation for Public Universities in Malawi.

For further information or clarification, please contact:

The Chief Executive Officer
The Public Private Partnership Commission
P.O. Box 937
Tel: (265) 01 823655
Email: info@pppc.mw