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Fostering Inclusive and Sustainable Partnerships: Public Private Partnership Commission Attends UNECE PPP Forum.

2 months ago
Public Private Partnership Commission Attends UNECE PPP Forum.

Malawi's Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC) is taking significant steps towards enhancing its public-private partnerships (PPPs) by immersing itself in international best practices.

Chief Executive Officer of the PPPC Mr. Patrick Kabambe, recently attended the 8th edition of the UNECE International Public Private Partnership Forum held in Istanbul, Turkey. This three-day hybrid event (8th-10th May), jointly organized by UNECE and the Government of Turkey, brought together global leaders to exchange insights on the evolving landscape of PPPs and cooperation between public and private entities.

Through the forum, Malawi's commitment to staying abreast of changing international standards and leveraging global expertise for national development initiatives was emphasized. "Participation in such international gatherings is paramount for enhancing our understanding of global best practices in PPP implementation," said Mr. Kabambe.

The forum featured an extensive range of issues, such as sustainable infrastructure development, digital transformation in PPPs, and fostering resilient partnerships. Malawi’s PPPC actively participated in panel discussions and networking sessions, as well as exchanging ideas and experiences with global counterparts has been beneficial.

A highlight of the event was a keynote address by a renowned expert in sustainable finance, emphasizing the importance of inclusive and sustainable PPP models. In reflecting on this, Mr. Kabambe noted, "Sustainability and inclusivity are core principles guiding our PPP initiatives. We are committed to ensuring that our projects not only drive economic growth but also contribute positively to social and environmental dimensions."

The interactive workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions provided practical insights and tools that will be incorporated into Malawi's PPP framework. "Learning from global success stories and understanding common challenges helps us tailor our strategies to suit our unique context," he affirmed.

Malawi’s participation in the UNECE PPP Forum buttresses a focus on fostering partnerships, driving innovation, and advancing sustainable development goals in Malawi. The interactions and learnings in Istanbul will undoubtedly shape the future direction of PPP projects in Malawi, by continuing to align them more closely with international standards and best practices.

The conference gathered together over 100 delegates from different parts of the world, Malawi was represented by PPPC CEO Mr Patrick Kabambe and PPPC Project Finance and Risk Assessment Manager Mrs Emily Kwatani.